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AJAX Development Services

AJAX or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is an important model used for web development that assists in creating and designing interactive web applications. The AJAX architecture can be used independently or in combination with technologies to develop dynamic web-pages. It is one of the advanced web development technique and has created interactive and synergistic website development.

Features of AJAX

.    Using Standards-based XHTML and CSS
.   Display customized and interaction dynamic
.   Using XML and XSLT for data interchange
.   Using XMLHttpRequest data retrieval
.   Compiled together by JavaScript

AJAX combines the following technologies

.    XML and XSLT for data exchange
.    HTML or XHTML as mark up language
.    CSS for creating custom styles
.   Document Object Model (DOM)
.    Client-end scripting language like JavaScript
.    XMLHttpRequest object for asynchronous data exchange with the web server

Ajax incorporates the following technologies:

.    Creating and designing standards presentations using CSS and HTML
.    Proper usage of the Document Object Model to develop a dynamic display and interaction module
.    Creation and maintenance of data interchange process using XML and XSLT
.  asynchronous data retrieval using XML Http-Request

Ajax Development Services at

.      User-friendly interactive web interfaces
.     Enterprise CRM solutions
.     Web portal development
.     Chat application integration on the website
.      News website development
.      Search engine friendly web design using Ajax

Seosearchgroup team is experienced in developing AJAX technology. Our development team has developed a lot of dynamic websites by using Ajax.For more inquiries, please feel free to contact us through our e-mail address: -

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