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Facebook Marketing Services

" Reach your targeted customers using Facebook Marketing"

Facebook is the most visited website in the world with over 500 million active users. 50% of those members log in on any given day. That makes Facebook the #1 social networks in the world helping people communicate efficiently with friends, families, and coworkers to update them about themselves, their interests, as well as events and activities.

Most people agree that Search Engine Marketing was one of the most important advertising developments of the last 50 years.  It changed the landscape of marketing and quickly became one of the most important forms of advertising in the world providing companies of all sizes with the opportunity to compete for the attention of their target audiences and measure the success of their efforts.

Every day, more and more advertisers are starting to become aware of the awesome marketing potential available inside this active and growing community. Now is the time to get started to allow you to harness the power of Facebook Marketing for your products and services.

Why Use Facebook?

Facebook is more than a form of social media; Facebook is an opportunity for companies looking to spread the word about their great products or services. With facebook you can…

Create a unique, brand identity

Facebook currently has more than 800 million active users

This is the 2nd most visited site on the web

48% of users from all around the globe return to Facebook each day

Users spend an average of 25.2 minutes on Facebook per day

Promote word-of-mouth advertising

Facebook sees 61.3 billion page views per month

Refer customers to a company-based, community

Update fans fast

Survey says, 1 among every 3 of Canadians are Facebook members

84% of the Facebook users are under the age of 35

Upload promotional videos and share them with ease

Facebook Marketing Services at Seosearchgroup offers

Seosearchgroup offer comprehensive Smo service packages, each designed to maximize web presence and realize the marketing power of Facebook. Our services include:

Structured development of Facebook campaign strategies

Professional & effective page design to increase brand awareness and overall sales

Strategic input for successful Facebook brand management

Targeted advertising campaign creation

Campaign adjustment recommendations through result reports

Do you have in mind to have your services delivered to your customers via Facebook Marketing? Why wait?  Get in touch with one of our experts who would assist you to build a competitive facebook campaign.

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