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Local businesses Listing :-


Local businesses need potential customers to be able to find them online — in search engines, directories, review sites, mobile apps, etc. Showing up in these results is practically essential for a local business to survive today. A local business can even appear next to the map in a search results page. Listings that get included in these local results are highly visible to searchers, often ranking above national brands and other heavyweight websites in the results! Local, geotargeted businesses simply cannot afford to miss out on this kind of positioning.

Our Local Pack service lists your business's physical address with the major Web directories, yellow pages, portals, and search engines. These directories are often used as signals so by appearing in them, you have a better chance to show up in the local results.

There are three main search engines, dozens of specialty engines, and hundreds of directories and review sites online. While you could submit your local business's information to each one manually and keep checking back to make sure they got it right, we have a much more efficient way.

If you operate a local business, it's essential to be listed in local search engines, online directories, and review sites, including Google Local. Our plans include claiming your listing in Google and Yelp and optimizing it well for better placement.

What is Local SEO?


SEO SEARCH GROUP Provides local search engine optimization (local SEO) services that focus on optimizing a website for a specific city, region, or for the locations of physical stores and shops. Like SEO, Local SEO operates with the goal to increase the search engine rankings for specific searches that are relevant to your company's products and/or services.

The difference in local SEO is in the results. Customers looking for services in their area are more likely to do a search with a city name attached to it. Many search engines are starting to include local search results or map displays with locations that display by relevance to the search. This brings the perfect opportunity for your company to display in the results.

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