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Open Source Solutions

Open Source has gone a long way and is one of the most influential trends in modern information technology.It’s one of the fastest growing segments and the adoption rate in large and small enterprises is breath taking. Open source platforms provide greater business opportunity to organizations. Our open source development services for Magento, WordPress, Zen Cart and the Joomla CMS.Seosearchgroup is dedicated to helping organizations maximize their use and management of open source software, and the value they realize from our products.We offer a comprehensive array of services to address all your open source needs.seosearchgroup is aware of the advantages of Open source codes and has been offering Open Source Software solutions to its clients.

Advantages of Open Source Solutions:

•      Reduces cost
•      Freedom and Flexibility
•      Trust Worthiness
•      Reduce time for development by over 50%
•      Support from Open Source community
•      Source products provide free plugins and development support
•      Vendor’s dependency neutralized
•    Problems fixed quickly
•    Updating with new feature

Seosearchgroup Open Source Solutions:

•    For Framework we use CakePHP, Ruby on Rails
•    For Online E-commerce Solution we use CRE Loaded, X-cart, Zen Cart
•    For Content Management System we use Joomla, Mambo, Drupal
•    For Management System we use Moodle
•    For Blogging Software we use Wordpress

open source system provides the source code which can be modified, customized and integrated according to one’s own requirements.We specialize in developing Open Source applications for effective use in the enterprise.

Our team

Seosearchgroup has experienced team in developing Open Source Solutions. Our development team has developed a lot of Open Source based website .

For more inquiries, please feel free to contact us through our e-mail address: -

Our Key Clients